User Research Findings for Gaming

I have talked with two people that are in the audience demographic for my course project, which will cover people’s experience with playing video games. The project, in a nutshell, will be part historical research and part forum by visitors, where they can relate their experiences. The interviews I conducted were a means to frame the types of information I need to include in my project.

One of the most surprising elements I found was the sense of accomplishment that both people felt when they not only finished a game, but solved puzzles or figured out key information that moved the story along. They also felt they were playing an active role in the story, and not passively staring at the screen like watching a movie.

These types of findings provided new aspects of gaming to delve into. The main one being monetary. One said they had enough disposable income to buy games sporadically or during sales. The other said the initial purchase of a console was a major detriment, and would play more if they could afford the start-up cost.

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