Thoughts on my collection

After looking through a few major projects, I have come to realize that the strength of my own project is in the experiences of the Gamers themselves. The genre descriptions of archives by Trevor Owens showed that my idea regarding personal experiences falls under the digital archive set that is centered around people’s experiences regarding a particular event. As such, the items I have started to collect in Omeka I see as providing some historical context for their experiences. I also plan to use them as a way to jog their memories.

If I can show some of the more popular games and consoles, some visitors may remember that they played one of them. One thing I have to keep in mind is making all the experiences searchable by others, since I intend to make the site more of a community than some others. I have yet to decide if Omeka will be able to do this to my satisfaction, or if another program will work better.


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