Thoughts on Audience

The first priority with this type of project is the audience: the people who will view and interact with the project once it is completed. Since my project deals with people who play video games, I must tailor aspects of my project to them, such as providing them with materials related to what they are interested in. If they do not see something they want to look into, they will leave the project without contributing.

One of the things that I know from personal experience is that Gamers like to talk about the games they enjoy playing, which is why I plan to include a forum aspect to my project. This provides a couple benefits that I believe will help the success of the project. The first is that it will allow visitors to feel engaged with the material, and that they are contributing their story for others to read and interact with. There are a number of forums that already exist, but there are none that I am aware of in an academic setting. These forums are also fraught with problems from ‘trolls,’ and the academic setting of this project may help to keep this at bay.


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