Reflections on Digital Public History

The process of building my Gaming site was a fun one. While I had little experience designing a public history project, I was able to pull in my personal experience as a hobby into the project. My main issue was with finding historical sources, as much of the academic writing has been about psychological or social issues of the people playing the games. One of the thing I like about Omeka is that I can use a wide range of media, and without that element my project would not be as strong. Gaming is based in the audio-visual world, and without seeing and hearing the game, visitors would have a harder time grasping the draw of them. I had experience using Omeka, but that instance was to use the exhibit as a teaching tool one-on-one rather than presenting information to the public. The modules of the course showed me the types of things I can include to help facilitate the discussion, particularly with oral history. If I decide to continue with the topic of gaming this will come in handy, as I can record people’s experience in their own words and then include them in the overall project.

One of the things with my project I am curious about is how the forum would be used. That is outside the scope of the course, but I am curious about what people would say and what sort of suggestions they would have for my exhibit.

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