It’s been a while…

If you look at the timestamps between posts, you can see that it has taken almost three years for me to update this website. I chock it up to my lack of motivation coupled with starting work in Hi-Fi audio cable manufacturing (plus a major health event in the family, which I will not go into). So here I am making these changes now. My updates have been to streamline the overall site: installing and using plugins I came across recently for work, moving my coursework off of sub-domains whenever possible, getting a page for photography, and a general appearance spruce up to make it look like it wasn’t cobbled together five minutes at a time (which, to be honest, is exactly what happened).

My plan for the immediate future is to continue to fine-tune the site and its appearance. As I’m doing that, I will begin to add interesting things I find in the wide world of the Internet. And I will leave you here with an adorable sleeping Frodo.

A dog sleeps soundly on a blanket
Mr. Frodo is adorably comfortable
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