Films of State Conference

I attended a couple Zoom panels for this conference and there are a few cool sites that have plenty of digitized films and images ready for people to interact with and utilize. The conference is hosted by the National Archives and the Cinema and Media Studies program at the University of Maryland.

The first panel I attended was Using Government Film,  which showcased a number of museums and institutes that either hold and present government films or use specific topics related to the institutions’ overall themes. One of the education-oriented tools that caught my eye is DocsTeach. Created by the National Archives, it allows teachers to use uploaded documents to help teach both events and how to work with primary documents. Educators can create their own lessons or use lessons from others that are already completed.

The National Archives also highlighted their digital catalog available to the public. There were too many specifics for me to copy here, so I have linked the two YouTube videos they posted:

What is the National Archives Catalog?
Searching the National Archives Catalog

Once the conference is finalized I will see if there are any more things to share that I missed in other panels.

National Archives
National Archives
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