Digital Humanities Projects

Gunston Hall Exhibit (Omeka Classic)
One of my projects at Mason was to create an exhibit using Omeka (Now called Omeka Classic). Since I was new to the school, I decided to build it using public domain items regarding George Mason’s home Gunston Hall. Once completed, I would later use this site as my primary example of Omeka during workshops as part of my work at the Digital Scholarship Center at Mason.

Video Game Exhibit (Omeka Classic)
This is another Omeka Classic exhibit that I created as part of a course project. While rough around the edges, I was able to utilize a wide range of plugins to provide trailers and gameplay videos. I also added a mock forum for discussion with the wider community (now reset to its starting point).

Jewish Cookbook (Omeka S)
This is an Omeka S site filled with recipes from a Jewish Cookbook published in 1986.

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