Defining Digital Humanities

How one defines Digital Humanities (DH) can be a tricky process. There are two very distinct worlds that go into what DH is – it has one foot firmly in computers and technology, and the other foot in the study of the human world. DH seeks to blend these two spheres of influence into one. Due to this duality, I define Digital Humanities as the use of technology and multimedia to further the study and presentation of Humanities as a discipline. By utilizing the digital world, humanists have the opportunity to bring to life places, people, and ideas that otherwise would remain text on a page.

This utilization comes in many forms. It can be creating a website to present content, editing and publishing a documentary, or using programs like Adobe Collaborate to hold meetings or classes with people over long distances. I believe that Digital Humanists use technology in order to bridge gaps in communication among humanists that stem from distance, time constraints, and the like.

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