Monthly Archives: April 2016

Project Update

I’ve been drafting my text for the exhibits this past week. I’m almost ready to start importing the text into Omeka, as well as add the items that I have yet to upload into it that I was unsure if I would end up using. I have a session with people who work with Digital Humanities tonight, where I will ask about the forum software they have used. Once I decide on this, I can add it onto my server and post the initial discussion boards.

Mobile History Readings

The advent of smartphones and mobile internet allowed for the creation of projects that can be used in the physical spaces they inhabit. There are several aspects that have been created using this idea. Some, like, allows users to see the past around them on their smartphone as they walk around the city. Some institutions have created companion applications for smartphones that visitors can use as they walk through established exhibits in a museum, as this exhibit has shown. This type of history has the potential to be groundbreaking, as seen with the Histories of the National Mall, where the information is sent in a way that does not require downloading an app beforehand. By running the project over Internet protocols, this type of project is not limited by changing smartphone capabilities.


Exploring with Digital History

I explored my home area of Manassas, VA on Historypin and the result were what I was expecting. The few pins that appeared were focused on the Civil War battlefield and the area around the downtown train station. My experience with Historypin was very simple, in that it showed a few old photographs and a few lines of text related to it. The battlefield photos were interesting in that it overlayed the older photo on top of a current image at the same spot. This allowed me to see how the area has changed since the original photo was taken. I got the sense that these photos on the battlefield were trying to show how the area looked in the past as people are currently walking through the area. There are not that many uploaded at the moment, maybe 5 or 6 images, so it did not take me long to go through all of them.